28 Jul

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Removing wisdom teeth is almost always necessary once they start causing pain.

The cost to remove your wisdom teeth varies widely depending upon:
  • the nature of the placement of the wisdom teeth
  • the scope and nature of the treatment required
  • the number of problematic wisdom teeth

Except in the most urgent cases, Dentists on Broadbeach provide a full written costing before any treatment or removal of wisdom teeth is commenced.

Costs of Wisdom Teeth Removal
Costs can range from a base of approximately $200 for one upper straightforward wisdom tooth extraction to a base of $385 for one lower straightforward lower wisdom tooth extraction.

Wisdom teeth removal costs can vary dependent on the amount of teeth we remove at one time. It is sometimes more cost effective to do several wisdom teeth extractions at the same time, although this can result in a higher than normal amount of post-operative pain.

Are your wisdom teeth causing you pain?
Don’t hesitate – it will only get worse! Contact us to get answers to your questions and discuss problems you are having with your wisdom teeth. If you need your wisdom teeth extracted, NOW is the time, not later.