Take Home Teeth Whitening

Take home Teeth Whitening Kits, is where your dentist takes a mould of your teeth and makes custom fitting soft plastic trays which you apply bleach to. While there are take home kits you can buy at your local shop, there is no replacement for a quality mold made by a professional. A professionally made mold will apply the bleach more evenly, more consistently and yield a far better result.

The trays are usually worn for 30-60 mins a day for around 10 days. The advantage of home teeth whitening is that the patient can stop whitening when they have achieved a shade they are happy with.

A disadvantage in the take home teeth whitening system is that some people suffer from sensitivity from the bleach, and stop using it. But if you prepare your teeth properly, by using de-sensitizing tooth paste & mouthwash and /or have your dentist provide you with a de-sensitizer, sensitivity should be minimized.

Take home Whitening