28 Jul

Get the right dental advice first!

There are many things to consider before having cosmetic dentistry done. Some procedures, such as veneers and crowns are irreversible and may be required to be done more than once in a patients’ life time. So make sure you get as much information on your options as possible. Do the research and ask all the right questions in order to choose the most comprehensive treatment plan for your teeth.

Certain factors such as oral hygiene habits, diet, smoking and age can cause staining and/or exposure of margin areas of crowns and veneers due to gum recession. Case selection by the dentist is very important, because unsuitable patients can usually expect an unfavorable cosmetic and functional outcomes. The most successful outcome for suitable patients is heavily dependent on both the technique and precision used by the dentist and laboratory technician. Its all in the planning! We take plaster models and intra and extra oral photos of your teeth and mouth so we can plan together and with our dental lab the best way forward.