How many of us change our toothbrush when we should?

A question that we get asked quite frequently is how often should toothbrushes/brush heads be changed. The recommended time frame for most people is every 3-4 months. This seldom happens though! Some brushes actually have a blue wear indicator dye in the brush to show you when it has worn out. Most people don’t study their toothbrushes intently so they don’t realise they have passed their use by date ! Generally by the time a toothbrush starts to look frayed/ worn/fluffy/dirty it is well and truly time for a new one. The brushes become ineffective and could even hurt your gums as they become hard and scruffy instead of soft and uniform. We all know that the oral cavity is home to hundreds of different types of micro-organisms (bugs) therefore, it is not surprising that some of these microorganisms are transferred to a toothbrush during use, so a regular change is good for your overall health too.

Toothbrushes will wear out more rapidly depending on factors unique to each patient. Check your brushes often for this type of wear and replace them more frequently if needed. Children’s toothbrushes often need replacing more frequently than adult brushes as children tend to bite and chew on their brushes. Do yourself a favour and change your brushes regularly. Your dentist may even notice the change in your gum health.

Remember; a SOFT toothbrush with a SMALL head is what we recommend for best plaque removal.